Breathing Room

As this spring semester emerges, I have learned one thing so far in 2018.


Not the respitory system (which is technically a gas exchange chamber in the human body), but resting and relaxing. Giving oneself the time to take a break.

Last year and this year, I thought I could cram 3 tests of information, take those said tests, and fulfill every requirement for a program I am applying to before February. I was devistatingly wrong. I didn’t realize how much sleep I lost or how much weight I gained from the inconsistency of my eating and exercise habits. I thought I learned in 2017, but I guess I didn’t.

This week, in discussion with close friends and family, I felt at peace with delaying my process and taking a full break from school before continuing on with anything.

I did this because I have been cramming my studies for university for 3 years without stopping and I realized this school year my energy is quickly diminishing.

Which brings up my point, giving ourselves breathing room. We work hard everyday and in our minds, without crazy schedules and workloads, nothing would be accomplished.

That’s not healthy though.

What’s healthy is knowing when to slow down, when to take moments slower, to understand that the slower way is the best way.

We live a “hare-like” society where we have to accomplish faster than others or we have to accomplish everything in one day. However, we lose the quality that is placed in each project or even lose the moment quicker.

We should be more like a turtle, taking our time, and enjoying the scene. We should give ourselves a break every once in awhile.

If we don’t, we may miss out on life’s greatest moments.


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