Reasons Why I Go “Missing” on Social Media

There are times when I simply “go missing” on social media. There could be weeks where I just don’t post anything. It’s pretty bad since I am trying to build up my social media so more people can find my photography and writing. Here are some of the reasons why I go missing.

Social media can be congesting

Sometimes there are moments where I need to get away from all the posting and all the people constantly updating about their new kid, new engagement, new marriage or new relationship. I feel like sometimes I look at myself and think “I need to be at that point too”, but that gets in the way of the dreams and desires that you want to do. It’s not their life, it’s your life.

I forget

This is a large reason why I don’t post often. I usually go by a specific schedule because I want the most people to see what I post, but I usually miss the mark on it so I have to post some time else afterwards. Then I procrastinate it and then I never post it.

I get nervous on what to post

I’m a perfectionist. I hate it if something does not match what I like on my feed or what matches well with what I am going for. Sometimes I become so nervous and serious about what I post, to the point where I don’t end up posting.

I don’t want to be over bearing

It’s not that I don’t enjoy posting on social media, I do. I sometimes just don’t like constantly posting. I feel like I’m almost bothering people when I pop up on their feed.

These reasons are for sure because of my own insecurities about bothering people or  feeling judged on what I do. Obviously, I should be the one who does what they want because they want to, not being a people pleaser. I love posting about what I am passionate about and what I’m driven to do, I just need to own it more.


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