January 2018 Favorites 

As February is here, I decided to make a list of favorites I had in the month of January. It’s a little bit of everything, since I like a little bit of most things. My blog is mostly about my lifestyle and who I am, so I thought it was fitting that I had a post about products or things that I enjoy.  So here are my recommendations/ favorites of the month.


Doterra’s Deep Blue


This blue bottle is amazing, it works wonders into your skin while reviving your joints. I use this all the time because of my back and neck problems. 10/10 highly recommend if you’re achy or sore.

Inkwell Press Planners


These planners are amazing. I know it’s a thing for people to use their phone to plans things out, but I love how inkwell lays out their months and the beautiful boxes you can layout. If you love planning and aesthetically pleasing planners, this is for you!



Activated Charcoal


Now this is not necessarily a “product”, since you can actually consume this. I have used activated charcoal before, but not in my regular regimen until now. Although this stuff can stain your towels, it sucks away ALL toxins and gross stuff on your face and body. I HIGHLY recommend that you use a dark towel when using this. It is edible, but consume on what’s on the label. (Recommendation: To consume take the pills and for skin or beauty use loose powder.)

Face scrub 

3-4 spoons of Extra virgin olive oil

1 spoon of Activated Charcoal

1/2 cup Sugar or Brown Sugar (Brown sugar is a softer texture for a light abrasion)

If you want more of a thin formula add more oil and if you want it more thick add more sugar. Combine and use throughout the week!

(Please don’t consume this recipe even though it’s edible)

Tartelette in Bloom Pallet

I’m slightly behind on makeup trends since I just have gotten to makeup recently. I love this pallet for many purposes. It’s natural with mattes and shimmers. It’s the perfect blend of color if you’re not looking for anything crazy. I’m the type of makeup person that goes for natural looks all the time, so this pallet was perfect when I got it.


Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey


Many of you probably know Austen’s famous book Pride & Prejudice or Sense & Sensibility. Now those are amazing books, but Northanger Abbey is not as dense. It’s easier to follow. The narrator is engaging and fun with her snarky comments and judgemental boughs about people. (her other books are the same, but I feel like its more prominent in this book If you like classic books and want something that isn’t too overwhelming or even want to start out reading classics then I recommend this book.



There are so many more things I could post about, but I don’t want to make this too long of a post! Comment and let me know your favorites too! I might do a February one too.


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