Writing Negativity Away

There are multiple methods to easing anxieties and I’ve tried most of them. Many times I would take people’s advice on what to do with it. Some said to get over it or get therapy, other said methods that eased it for only a time.

A Healthier Method

I personally don’t like taking medicine, going to therapy, or anything along those lines. It’s not that I’m against the method, I know there are better ways to keep my anxiety at bay. While scrolling though Pinterest, I found myself searching bullet journals. I thought, “Hey, why don’t I do this?”

So I did. I started with the small stuff, writing down what I felt, what a current situation was, or even simple day to day task lists.

Writing has always helped me. It helped me cope through passing of families, break ups of friends and boyfriends, and the stress of school. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I never put it into practice until recently since I became an English major. (Which makes me write everyday)

Write as Much as You Can

Even though I already write for school, I make an effort to write at least something down every single day. Only personal blurbs, which is anything that comes to my mind or what is keeping me up at night. Sometimes it’s a blog post since I find myself using my phone more, but other than that, I continue to write everything negative away.

A Spoon Full of Sugar

I won’t say that this completely takes away every little bit of depression or anxiety I have, but I will say that it does help me. It helps calm me down and helps me see the positivity in my life rather than the negative.

Sometimes we have hobbies or simple enjoyments in life that can help our mental health. We don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental illness in order to have to take care of our mental health. That’s why I titled this “Writing Negativity Away” rather than “Writing Mental Illness Away”. We all have mental illnesses, disorders, or simple clutter that we all need to take away. Most of our thoughts derives from negativity in ourselves and the world. In order to keep away from the negativity is pursuing something that brings us joy and happiness, not something fruitless or temporary.


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